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4 to 11 Year Olds Classes

Here Is Our Program For 4 to 11 Year Olds.

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Teach Goal Setting

We Believe Setting Goals Is Vital For Young People To Believe In Their Dream And Future 

Develop Empathy

Empathy Can Help Kids Become Self-Aware And Better Able To Speak Up For What They Need.

Learn Leadership

Leadership Skills Allow Children To Have Control Of Their Lives And The Ability To Make Things Happen

Gain Confidence

Confidence Lets Children Make Better Decisions, Worry Less, And More Able To Lead Others In Healthy Ways. Confidence Makes It Easier To Follow Their Own Path.

How We Teach Goal Setting 

At Sampson Martial Arts Academy , We Believe Setting Goals Is A vital Practice That Can Benefit Young Children With A Dream Or A Vision For Their Future. Young Children Who Are Just Starting Out On The Grand Journey Of Life Are At A Particularly Opportune Time To Start Building Their Goal Setting Skills--Not Only Will These Skills Serve Them Throughout Their Lives, But Building Them Now Will Help Them Mould Their Future Into One That They Desire.
We Give Our Students Early Wins And Help Them Develop Belief In Themselves. 

Anyone Who Has Worked With Children Will Recognize The Importance Of Self-Belief And Self-Confidence For Early Life Development. Some Of The Ways We Achieve This is 

-Playing Games To Teach Goal Setting In A Context With Low Pressure And High Engagement
-Provide Direct Instruction On Goal Setting And Include Instruction On Self-Evaluation
-Let Them Know What They Want To Accomplish

How Martial Arts Helps Build Empathy In Kids 

At Sampson's Martial Arts Academy We Recognise Empathy As A Vital Skill To Develop In Our Students , It’s An Essential Life Skill That Underpins A Child’s Ability To Be A Good Friend, A Good Learner, And Later, A Good Parent, Colleague And Citizen.

Empathy Is Also Crucial In Preventing Bullying, And In Building Tolerance For Other People And Their Racial Background, Sexuality, Faith, Politics And Other Traits That Are Key To Their Sense Of Identity.

Some Of The Ways We Develop Leadership In Our Students
-Encourage Perspective Taking
-Use Empathy to Guide Giving
-Put Other People on Their Radar

How We Help Build Your Childs Leadership Skills

Here At Sampson's Martial Arts Academy We Believe Learning Leadership Skills From A Young Age Can Provide Kids With An Excellent Head Start In Life. 

Even If They Have Personalities That Are Not Automatically Predisposed To Leading Other People, It Can Be Extremely Valuable To Learn Different Leadership Techniques To Develop Confidence And Overall Mental Well Being.

Some Of The Ways We Develop Leadership In Our Students:

-Encourage team activities
-Practice confident decision making
-Encourage hard work
-Instil optimism
-Let kids make some their own decisions. 

How We Guarantee To Build Your Childs Confidence 

Here At Sampson's Martial Arts Academy We Know When Children Feel Confident And Secure, They're More Likely To succeed In School And Achieve Personal Goals. As They Get Older, They Learn To Confront Problems And Resist Peer Pressure. More Important, Having A Positive Self-Image Helps A Child Feel Happy And Capable Of Maintaining Personal Relationships

Our Classes Are Designed To Make Sure Our Students Feel Confident And Proud In Them Self After Every Class And Excited To Come Back Again 

Some Of The Ways We Guarantee To Build Confidence Is 
-Don't let them get upset about mistakes. 
-Praise perseverance
-Allow kids to fail
-Encourage them to try new things

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